Harleston’s Kindness Help Hub the local Coronavirus community assistance scheme, is now up and running.

There are local websites and Facebook pages which may help put a smile on your face during this very difficult time.


Harleston Community Chat

In light of everything that is going on in the world, come and have a chat here Harleston. Many of us are isolated, Mums going stir crazy and some just need a chat.

Harleston's Photography

Photographic Shots from Harleston and surrounding areas

Harleston - A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine is about bringing a smile to people who are in isolation or just want to, smile. With a new topic everyday. We are happy for you to share the things that make you happy, but please, nothing political or negative. let's keep this as a lighthearted group. Stay safe Ian and Fiona xx

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Harleston's Kindness Help Hub