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Updated: Jun 12

Walk … talk …wave…smile … after you …. This is Harleston

These are challenging times. But they are also a moment of great opportunity. While making space for social distancing might be difficult in our narrow town streets, it has opened up the opportunity to enjoy our town centre in ways we have never been able to before … if …. together … we can really make the most of it.

We will need to think a lot more about others, bringing the same patience and respect we have shown over the last two months out onto the streets. This will be vital, if we are to avoid the health risks associated with coming out of lock-down.

Now that the town centre will be closed to through traffic and turned into a pedestrian priority area we will need to keep our speed right down. Drivers will need to ‘Think Pedestrian’ and give way to them … but pedestrians also need to ‘Think Driver’ and give them space too.

Walk…talk…wave…smile… this is Harleston is so true. Polite respect for each other in difficult times will help us all to make lifting lock-down a success … Good wishes … Good luck … and keep staying safe.

I am attaching a leaflet produced by South Norfolk Council which explains about the Shop with CONFIDENCE scheme in more details, including the changes to the roads.

Thank you

Cllr Frances Bickley: Chairman, Redenhall with Harleston Town Council

Residents within the impacted area, don't worry, access is also still available for you.

A copy of the letter can be downloaded here

UPDATE MESSAGE: You will have seen details of the new traffic flow map for Harleston recently introduced by South Norfolk Council. They have introduced new arrangements in a number of towns in the district, in order to make the streets safer for pedestrians and to encourage people to come back into the shops which will be re-opening on Monday 15th June. Harleston business owners have supported this initiative.

South Norfolk Council are funding these changes, and they have a team of people available to answer any questions. They can be reached on

This scheme is a trial, and is not intended to be permanent. South Norfolk say they will be flexible if any need for change arises. The main aim is to give the extra space needed for safe social distancing and to create an attractive streetscape to encourage residents and visitors into our lovely town.

All of us in Harleston need to work together to trial this scheme and to tweak it, if necessary. Please be patient while we all get used to the new scheme, and most importantly be kind to one another, we are all in this together and seeking the best way out.

An important point to make is that there will be continued access for deliveries, residents and emergency vehicles, but if anything is not clear please contact South Norfolk, who continue to lead on this. We hope you appreciate that, as this scheme is being led by South Norfolk, the answers will need to come from them, rather than from the Town Council.

We will receive from South Norfolk a copy of the replies to any questions sent concerning Harleston, and will list the questions and answers on the Harleston Kindness hub Facebook page as well as the Town Council’s Facebook page. We hope this will be helpful.

The Town Council hopes very much that the new arrangements will be of benefit to residents and businesses. Thank you to all those who have expressed support for this endeavor to help us all stay safe and well, and have some much-needed retail therapy!

If you have any comments please email

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