Newsletter #3

Latest Figures The latest statistics show that now Italy has also overtaken China in the number of reported cases of Coronavirus with 86,498 against 81,394. Italy have reported 919 more deaths in 24 hours, with a total deaths of 9,134. We also are seeing many more cases in the UK, as we now have 17,089 reported cases, and deaths have risen to above 1,000. But we must consider that the UK are behind Italy is the 'curve' as the experts say. They have almost as many deaths in a day as we have experienced to date. If UK death toll is kept below 20,000, 'we will have done very well' said NHS England medical director Prof Stephen Powis. We must remain vigilant and abide by the guidelines.

The Bad and Ugly Continue This makes it all the more disappointing that some people of Harleston are still not all taking this seriously and abiding by the guidelines. Youths continue to flout the government guidance and congregate in the play area of the recreation ground on their bikes. It is very disappointing that a small minority of people which do not reflect the sensible behaviour of the vast majority of Harleston residents may make the restrictive measures more draconian for all of us. The police have the power to use reasonable force to disperse gatherings. We may well see this come into action. The youth are not the only bad and ugly part of Norfolk. A woman from Norwich has been been jailed after claiming she had the Coronavirus and coughing in a policeman's face. The Norfolk woman became abusive when officers spoke to her after she had kicked and damaged a car outside Norwich train station at around 11:00 pm on Wednesday. She was found guilty and has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.

The Good Also Continue When an announcement was made on Wednesday to ask for volunteers to help the NHS, the aim was to recruit 250,000 people. Downing Street has confirmed that more than 700,000 people have signed up to the NHS volunteer scheme. There are many local heroes.

But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Wuhan, the city where the Coronavirus pandemic began has partially re-opened after two months of isolation. New infections in China are now 54 with only 3 reported deaths. We should all remember that the time in isolation will save many many lives.

News Snippets The Prime Minister and Health Secretary have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, and the Chief Medical Advisor has minor symptoms and is self isolating. Boris Johnson becomes the first world leader to test positive. There is an interesting article on the BBC website. What would have happened if the pandemic had happened in 2005? Facebook was one year old, but was still an American college phenomenon, only arriving at UK universities in the autumn of that year. YouTube was born that year, Twitter would come along the following year, and it was not until 2007 that Apple launched the iPhone. Fifteen years ago, about eight million households had a broadband connection and the connection speed was very low. Harleston's Kindness was set up on Facebook, what would have happened in 2005? Read the full article here. A family from East Sussex has suggested they were Britain’s first Coronavirus cases, arguing they caught the virus in January after a visit to an Austrian ski resort, which is now under investigation over an alleged unreported case. The man said he visited a busy bar in Ischgl, where customers are reportedly known to play the drinking game beer pong — sometimes by taking turns to spit the same ping-pong ball into a beer glass. Many people fell ill after they returned home. If confirmed, the cases would show that transmission of Covid-19 within the UK occurred more than a month before the first reported case on 28 February. I don't know about you, but that ping pong ball spitting thing doesn't sound like a game I would be playing.

Odd one out? The odd one our is the Dolphin, some suggested the Chicken as the others are all mammals. But we stick with the Dolphin. The others have been mentioned in the start of the Coronavirus. It is believed that a Bat bit a Pangolin, bats carry many diseases and were also in at the beginning of the SARS epidemic. Now here is the horrible bit, Pangolins are one of the animals which are sold in Chinese wet markets. These are markets were animals are sold live and killed for the customer. They are stored and hang ontop of each other and they cross contaminate as bodily fluids seep out. It was previously thought that chickens were involved, but it is now believed to be the Pangolin as these are eaten by Chinese. Question of the day, do you know what a Pangolin looks like?

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