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The latest statistics show that America has overtaken China as having the most reported cases of Coronavirus with 85,612 against 81,340. However Italy is very close with 80,589 reported cases. Italy also have the most deaths arising from the disease at 8,215. We must not get complacent in the UK, as while we only have 11,658 reported cases and 578 deaths we are in a period of rapid increase with an extra 115 deaths yesterday alone. You can check the latest figures at

This makes all the more disappointing that people of Harleston are not all taking this seriously and abiding by the guidelines.

The Bad and Ugly

It was reported yesterday evening, that three youth have taken down the boundary tape to the play area in the recreation ground and had gathered in the area on their bikes. These are just some of the messages on Facebook by residents who understand the importance of the guidelines: 'These posts make me want to cry! If I could stay at home safely with my children I would! Instead I go to work and see many patients as I work in the NHS' and another, 'Unfortunately too many people had the mentality that it is little old Harleston and wont take it seriously until it comes knocking on their door'.

While these youths and their families may feel immune to the disease they put at risk anyone who them come in to contact with. Do they have similar view to the person who was interviewed on radio:

Harleston is not not immune to the disease, there are reported cases in town. So take the advice seriously.

The Good

It is not everyone who is selfish and ignorant of the seriousness of the situation. Would you like to nominate a local hero?

At 8:00pm last night, as darkness fell across the UK, millions of people stood at their front doors and open windows, in gardens and on balconies, to raise a thunder of gratitude for those working on the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus. Across Britain, monuments, buildings and bridges turned NHS blue, from London’s Shard to Manchester Central, the Tyne bridge and the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow. Were you you at your from door in the garden applauding our wonderful NHS staff as a 'Clap for Carers'?

Good News for the Self Employed

Finally there was some good news for the the 5 million self employed in the country. The Chancellor announced a financial support package to provide self employed people with 80% of their average earnings over the last three years. But before you jump with joy this will not be available until June and there is a real sting in the tale. The Chancellor hinted at increasing the self employed NI payment rate, this was tried recently and failed, but what about the next time? If the self employed pay the same rate as salaried employed will they get the same benefits, such as sick pay and unemployment benefit?

Our Council

Harleston Town Council are applying for funding to help the volunteers in Harleston's Kindness Help Hub and will let you know how we get on. While we have closed the Council office they can still be contacted on their normal telephone number during normal office hours: Tel. 01379 854519,

The Council were ahead of the game when they cancelled face to face meetings and set up video conferencing facilities. This recommendation is included in recent guidelines issued by South Norfolk Council. Your council will continue to meet to help our residents and will publish the minutes of meeting on both the Town Council website and this website.

There have been numerous communications from South Norfolk Council to your local council. We will begin to summarise key messages in future Newsletters.

Who said that?

Congratulations to those who spotted that the quotes were from President Trump. And a gold star to anyone who spotted the red herring. Donald Trump did not say 'people are dying who have never died before', this was a fake news story which rapidly circulated and morphed. It is claimed in an article by Reuters that a similar quote was attributed to Ernest Hemingway.

Odd one out?

Sticking with the odd one out theme. Which is the odd one out: Bat, Paglolin, Chicken and Dolphin?

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