Free “Exercise at Home Packs” for Vulnerable Adults

Staying active is an important way to keep healthy and resilient to the coronavirus and is so important that the government has identified it as one of the four reasons that people can leave their homes. However, there are many vulnerable people who are isolating at home and who are also living without access to internet, and therefore unable to access the wealth of online fitness resources and advice. Active Norfolk is now offering free physical activity packs to support vulnerable adults who are isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic to be active at home. These packs are specifically designed to support those that are digitally excluded and therefore unable (or unwilling) to access online health resources, although they are suitable for any vulnerable adults needing support to maintain their health and wellbeing at home during this time. The packs are small and lightweight, containing: · a guided home exercise booklet; · a resistance band (yellow, lightest resistance); · a Sitting Room Circuits DVD which contains a half hour guided walk through of gentle exercises that can be done at home and are suitable for those that currently do little or no exercise; and · information leaflets with tips on reducing sedentary behaviour and information about a physical activity call-back service for individuals that want tailored 1:1 advice over the phone. Active Norfolk hope to be able to target distribution to those who are known to be digitally excluded – if that information is known. However, we are happy to provide packs to support all vulnerable adults to be active at home. To request a free pack please contact Harleston Town Council or the Harleston Kindness Hub. More information about the staying fit while at home can be found at

Active Norfolk want to ensure that vulnerable and digitally isolated residents are supported to be physically active.

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