A Message from our Town Council

April 2020

Message from the Chairman of Redenhall with Harleston Town Council

In all my life, I never once thought that we would face a global pandemic crisis and uncertain times, such as we are now in the midst of, also neither, that we would need to embrace and hold our council meetings via video conferencing. So much has happened in such a short period of time to affect all of our lives. On behalf of our Town Council, I wish to acknowledge the dedication of our wonderful NHS; on the frontline battling against this invisible enemy. Also, the many key workers helping to keep the wheels of essential industries turning and not least everyone else doing their bit to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Here in Harleston, we pay tribute to the team of the Harleston’s Kindness Help Hub; volunteers on the ground, led by our Councillor Lizzy Pegg. They have been carrying out essential shopping, delivering medications, supporting the elderly and vulnerable residents within our locality. We now have a ring-fenced council account containing money from grants and donations, to help cover the

expenses of supporting the community throughout this crisis. Many thanks go to Norfolk Community Foundation Coronavirus Fund (£1K), Harleston Round Table (£1K), RwHTC contributed (£1.1K), Browne’s Butchers on the Thoroughfare (£250), Harleston and Wortwell District Angling Club (£200) also a number of residents totalling £120. This is currently being used to provide the supporting website and signposting information to residents, volunteer t-shirts, identity lanyards, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and other essential PPE and mileage allowance claims. So, thank you to Lizzy and her team of volunteers.

Sadly, we have had deaths within our area, due to COVID-19 and have many confirmed and unconfirmed cases of the virus; shielding and isolating residents. This is an ever-evolving crisis of which we have not reached the peak of yet. My thoughts and prayers are with all the affected families and their friends.

As a council, we are still here operating - albeit working from home, apart from the gym and leisure facilities which closed mid-March prior to the government ruling. This is when we must be thankful to previous council’s rationale to build up sensible reserves – which was reasoned for the unexpected event or rainy day that may come along. Well, Covid-19 is surely that unexpected event, as I said earlier, that we could never have foreseen or believed would be upon us.

On a brighter note, it is fantastic to see our local businesses adapt and come together to support the community at its time of need. In fact, the whole community has all pulled in the same direction and many, many residents, I am sure are extremely grateful for this.

I send my best wishes to the whole community and hope you remain to stay safe and well.

Frances Bickley


Redenhall with Harleston Town Council

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