Food and Drink Delivery Services 01379 852211, 9.30am – 2.30pm or 07515 078566 up to 9pm, allow 48 hours for delivery. Free delivery in Harleston, fee of £3 within 10 miles of Harleston, minimum order £5.
Products include eggs, flour, sugar, milk, fruit and veg, fresh bread (local), meat (from local butchers). If you need anything else they will try and source it.

"Apples" "Banana" "Broccoli" "Butter" "Butternut Squash" "Cabbage Red" "Cabbage Savoy" "Carrots" "Cucumber" "Eggs" "Flour Plain" "Flour SR" "Grapes Red" "Grapes White" "Leeks" "Lemons" "Lettuce Iceberg" "Milk 2l" "Milk Coconut 1l" "Milk Oat 1l" "Milk Soya 1l" "Mushrooms" "Onions Red" "Onions White" "Oranges" "Parsnips" "Peppers" "Potatoes Bakers" "Potatoes Washed White" "Potatos marfona" "Spring Onions" "Sugar Ganulated" "Baked beans 800g" "Bread 800g" "Chickpeas" "Chopped toms" "Honey" "Pasta 500g" "Sweetcorn"

We will contact the butchers for you if you would like meat and add it to the order. Should you need bread we will source fresh bread locally.

Tel No:



01379 852211 9:30 to 14:30 or 07515078566 up to 21:00