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Frequently asked questions


Where will disabled drivers be able to park?

A Blue badge holders can pass through the town as usual and can park outside Boots, and there are also additional disabled parking spaces on Broad Street.

Will the public toilets be open?

Yes, as from Monday 15th June they will be open from 9am to 4pm. The disabled toilets will be available for use by ladies and disabled people and the Gents will be open. The Ladies toilet is awaiting a new door after being vandalised, once this is in place they will open also.

Is it correct that the yellow roads on the map can only be used by deliveries and residents – what about customers?

The yellow roads on the Harleston Traffic Flow map are no through roads but will be fully accessible to ALL businesses on the route and open to ANYBODY who needs or wants to use them for access to residential homes. So there is access for customers to shops and the garage on London Road. We are seeking to have the map amended.

How will shops get deliveries?

All deliveries or collections for businesses operating within the Thoroughfare, Church Street or Exchange Street can still pass through at 5mph with their hazard lights on for pedestrian safety.

Will the market still be open?

Yes, the market stalls will be open on Wednesdays

Will there be any restrictions on Wilderness Lane

No, this is open as usual

Will carers be able to go through the Thoroughfare


Will emergency vehicles access the pedestrian zones?

Yes. Where temporary traffic restrictions have been put in place residents, businesses and emergency vehicles will still have the access they need. At the same time pedestrians will be able to walk with safety over a wider area of the high street. South Norfolk District Council

I drive though the market town on my normal commute, how will I get to work?

Diversions have been put in place and are clearly signposted. South Norfol District Council

Who is managing the highways changes?

The changes have been enabled by the county highways department and are being managed by teams of officers we have put in place in the town. South Norfolk Disctrict Council


Who is in charge of this scheme?

A South Norfolk Council have been funded by the government to introduce measures in the district to facilitate shops reopening with safe social distancing for residents. This is their initiative, and similar measures are being introduced in other market towns in South Norfolk. SNC have compiled the Harleston Traffic Flow map.

Who is paying for the changes?

The government has provided funding to South Norfolk District Council, and all costs are met from those funds.


What is the Confidence campaign?

We have developed a wide-ranging plan to ensure our local economy recovers from the impact of Covid as quickly as possible. At the heart of this plan is supporting local businesses of all types and helping them sustain jobs within our communities. South Norfok Disctrict Council

Why is the campaign called Confidence?

The brand for the campaign is “Confidence”, as that is what is key to driving our economy in the coming months. Businesses having the confidence to trade and shoppers having the confidence to spend their money locally. South Norfok Disctrict Council

What support is on offer?

The initiative is a whole council approach to supporting every possible business and job and includes:

  • Advice and support for every business that wants it.
  • Regulatory support and advice regarding social distancing and other Covid19 related issues.
  • Financial support including the discretionary business support grant.
  • Helping shops and the hospitality sector re-open in a clean, safe and vibrant environment.
South Norfok Disctrict Council

How do I access support?

A range of support is available on the council’s website under the Do Business With Confidence section and you can also call our business helpline on 0300 7906290 or email South Norfok Disctrict Council

What will happen when the Government change the rules?

Like everyone, we are keen to see a return to normality as soon as possible. These changes will remain in place until Government advice and the views of the local community mean they are no longer needed. South Norfolk District Council

Why have these changes been put in place in my Market Town?

We have been working closely with town councils, traders and the county highways department, to ensure everyone eligible is able to open up shop again as quickly as possible. The action we have taken has sought to strike a difficult balance between the need to keep people safe by enabling them to follow the guidelines whilst out and about, and our desire to ensure footfall returns to pre-Covid levels as quickly as possible. South Norfolk District Council

Why was I not consulted?

To ensure shops were able to open up again as quickly as possible our plans were developed at pace in consultation with town councils, traders, business groups and the county highways department. Our teams in the towns contacted as many businesses as possible during this time. South Norfolk District Council

Why are planting boxes and other types of street furniture being installed.

These have been installed as part of our approach to ensuring people’s safety while at the same time ensuring market towns remain vibrant and attractive places to shop. South Norfolk District Council

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