Harleston Kindness Help Hub was set up in early March 2020, just before lockdown, to help the community through a very difficult time.  HKHH soon had a strong team to run it and there were offers of help from so many selfless people in the town so the Hub set up a team of volunteers who proved to be invaluable to the community.

The team of volunteers was out every day, some 7 days a week, often several times a day doing shopping and collecting prescriptions for the vulnerable, isolated, and the shielded in our community. There was also a huge number of people who offered their phone numbers so that the isolated and lonely could pick up the phone and have a chat with someone and the feedback received showed it made a real difference to so many.

With kind donations from a few local businesses and Groups and a grant from South Norfolk Council, the HKHH were able to meet the needs of hundreds and hundreds of residents in the town during the lockdown, and still continue to help so many now. The volunteers also cover various other areas including Mendham, Wortwell, Needham, Brockdish, Pulham, and Alburgh. 

The donations received allowed the Hub to provide the volunteers with Lanyards, PPE, Sanitiser, and gloves and also covered the fuel costs for the volunteers. PPE became very expensive during the lockdown.

The Hub had fantastic support from local businesses allowing volunteers to purchase more than the rationed amount of items, with a cover letter and lanyard, so they could shop for several people at once and not having to make endless journeys into the town.

The HKHH still continues to help several residents in the community today although the work is not as manic as it was during the lockdown. Now the Hub has time to organise and hold events in the town raising money for local and national charities.

Currently, our bank account is held by Redenhall with Harleston Town Council and we are very grateful for their help with this. We are, however, going to be opening our own account for future use.

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Who we are...

Lizzy Pegg

Harleston Kindness Help Hub