Harleston’s Kindness Help Hub was set up by local people to help the community through this very difficult time.  Your Town Council are fully committed to help with the scheme and are putting our full support behind the initiative.

Councillor Lizzy Pegg, who has been involved since the inception of Harleston's Kindness, will lead a Council backed working party to help coordinate and deliver the aims of the group.  This will be a community wide group, with representatives from across the community, this will not be restricted to existing Councillors.

The scheme will coordinate volunteers and arrange for the delivery of food and medicine to local residents who have no other means of support such as non-isolating family or friends or other support groups.

The scheme is supported by the local Church, local Councillors for South Norfolk, and the Town Council of Redenhall with Harleston.



Councillor Lizzy Pegg is leading the Councils plans and actions in relation to the current Coronavirus situation.  Lizzy is well know to many people within Redenhall and Harleston.  I am sure will have confidence in her acting in the best interests of the whole community.


Carol is well known and respected by the residents of Harleston, she has been serving the community for many years.  Carol was awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2015 in recognition of her services to Harleston. 


Vicki helps run the Swan Hotel in Harleston with Robin Twigge.  The Swan has become the unofficial meeting rooms for many local voluntary groups.  Vicki is making sure that the Swan continues it's wonderful service to the community.


Fiona came with the idea of setting up a community group and created and runs the Facebook page to get the ball rolling.  This was the foundation of what has become Harleston's Kindness Help Hub.


Please get in touch by email or phone:

email: communities@s-norfolk.gov.uk

Tel: 01508 533933

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